Danny Laboy Valdez


Born in the Midwest, young & restless
Los Angeles, CA & Chicago, IL

Sub-zero winters, hardwork & sacrificing for loved ones were the mainstays of my household. Where humility and resolve were realized in spirits that were weathered yet not broken.

I began my career as a Columbia College Chicago graduate (per request of my mother) in the craft of Cinematography, with 8 years of professional camera & lighting experience in the Chicago film industry that followed. Dozens of local IASTE productions, music videos, nonunion TV series, and an A24 feature – I gained my knowledge through the technical mentorship of the wonderfully surly, seasoned, and proficient professionals of the Midwest film unions.

Currently, I work as a nonunion cinematographer on commercial, branded and advertising content – partnering with advertising agencies, production companies and direct businesses from across the country. I bring with me my experience not just as a filmmaker, but the decades worth of life.